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Why Scampi? – no, we don’t serve seafood only. But we love it.

Why 69? – no, its not our house number. But we love it anyways...


How amazing you took the time to surf on our website and are even interested in who these two scampis behind the scenes actually are?

Let us quickly introduce to you - Scampi69 ... the two behind

| Switzerland

​| MS Europa 2

| Arlberg Hospiz, Arlberg AT 

| Michelin* After Seven, Zermatt CH

| Elsie´s Champagne & Winebar, Zermatt CH

| Food Consulting, Zermatt CH


the scampi head chef & feel-good manager! Ruling the kitchen, he is continuously on the hunt for fresh ingredients, passionately on deep dives in new aromas and running in circles to find new ways to playfully present his creations to his beloved guests.

Lukas is structured, a bit over-organized, sharp on time, pleasantly calm, creative, sarcastic and wears his heart on the right spot. Him being so well-balanced in any kind of situation, business or private, he represents rather the Yin than the Yang of Scampi69 - clearly to feel this perfect balance in his dishes too.

Austria |

Star Clippers, Royal Clipper |

Red Bull GmbH |

Arlberg Hospiz, Arlberg AT |

Music & Artist Management, AT DE |

Zermatt Unplugged Music Festival, Zermatt CH |


the scampi restaurant head & entertainment fairy! Rocking the restaurant, she is continuously on the hunt for love to the details, passionately on deep dives in wine barrels and running in squares for new entertainment and business ideas to create new experiences for her beloved social environment.

Nina is multitasking, a bit chaotic, generally late, temperamental, full of ideas, funny and wears her heart on her sleeve. Her fire rather represents the Yang than the Yin of Scampi69 – cleary to feel her temperament in her passionated service too.

And what's the Scampi69 now?

It’s our dream we made come true, it’s our office which feels like our living room and it’s the place we would love to go ourselves to eat, drink, laugh, love and enjoy created for you friends from all around the world.

We take food and beverages seriously, fully respect these resources given us by our mother nature! We try our best to cook with local products and transport resources in eco-friendly ways. So we sometimes sail for our wine deliveries while fishing ...

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